Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New In | Pumped Up Kicks

 Today was a really good day! First I got news that my braces were going to come off very soon, just in two months which is extremely exciting for me since I've had them for what has felt like forever
Me and mum celebrated by going to Botany where I saw Ankle-Strap Sandals very similar to the ones I wanted at Hannah's, and the best thing on top of that was that there was a sweet deal for two pairs of shoes. 
My old boots which I'm sure you all have seen many times have gotten so old and they're nearly falling apart so seeing these babies made me even more happy, they have a really rock and edgy look! I paid nearly $100 for both of these which in my defence is a good investment.
You can say that today was a really good day, one I haven't had in a long time! My happiness level is +100 all because of two pairs of shoes.

Hope you all have a lovely week! 


  1. Omg i love your strap heels i wanted those too D:

    1. Dude you can get them at Hannah's, they have a really good deal! and I think they're worth it :)