Saturday, January 18, 2014

Outfit | Insomnia

Sunglasses: Glassons  Singlet: Glassons  Pants: Jay Jays  Shoes: Hannahs

Went to town today and literally shopped till I dropped, I got some new decor for my bedroom to keep me organised during the school year and just to make my room more me. 
I bought this singlet a while ago when my sister was here but never got the chance to style it. I'm obsessed with black and white prints, my parents have a huge problem with this because they think that I'm dressing "too old for my age" because it's dull, or something among those lines. 
I don't wear these disco pants often because the material seems like the really cheap leather which makes it super uncomfortable but this top was just calling it's name. 
My results come out this week and I am scared as hell, like insomnia is getting to me over this. Let's just hope that all goes well!

Until next time, have a lovely week!


  1. Cute! Are those American Apparel disco pants? If not, I'd highly recommend them; I find them to be super comfortable.

  2. you look rather reserved but still chic!!


  3. I love this look! Just followed you, I can't wait for more posts!

  4. Loving the monochrome look - so chic and in style!

  5. Nice outfit, love the heels! X

  6. amazing outfit =)